As a General Trading Company with in-house logistics operations, we are your end-to-end product supplier and logistics provider.


To protect all personnel; both workers and visitors, from physical hazards


To ensure the health & safety of personnel and assets as best we can


To ensure the health & safety of personnel and assets as best we can


AARESS DISTRIBUTION DMCC (AARESS) is your reliable products and services supplier. We supply quality products and provide dependable services to our customers spread across the globe.  

We are a value/s based business; Adding value is what defines us as a company – this maybe value for our customers, vendors, team members, shareholders and society. We believe in the win-win principle of doing business and to ensure this, have on board a team of competent professionals who are able to cater to all sizes of business with extremely high levels of efficiency and reliability.  

We do this with a very strong set of values based on honesty, integrity and hard work. 

AARESS has been in business since 2010 and currently does business in several countries including USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Indian Sub-continent, East Asia among others. Our operational backbone is our strong ICT infrastructure and team of competent and professional personnel who ensure the business achieves its objectives without much bureaucracy and management tiers. We believe in change as the only way to stay ahead in our business and have built changing into the DNA of our business and operations to ensure change is the only constant for us.

Our operational expertise enhances our tactical excellence. Our access to highly experienced logisticians and tacticians ensures sound planning and solid execution. Consequently we are able to conduct our business with precision and efficiency. Our clients have come to expect this consistency and reliability.
Our performance record is evident of our quality of services and customer satisfaction. We have developed a long-term approach to building trust with our clients so we remain long term partners. We listen to our clients to better understand their needs and adapt our methodologies and services.

The human aspect of the business is considered extremely important which has led us to maintain very high standards in everything we do as a company and team. 

  • Service Orientation 
  • Operational exellence 
  • Value-based 
  • Environmental & Social Responsibility 
  • Change Leading 
  • Embracing Diversity & Equality