To ensure safety of all personnel by defining and implementing rules for possession and use of alcohol and drugs

Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs can seriously impair an individual’s judgment and reactions leading to an increased risk of accidents and injuries occurring. Persons reporting dependence or addiction related problems also need support.  


Alcohol dependence is defined as: 

The habitual drinking of intoxicating liquor by a person, whereby the person’s ability to perform his/her duties is impaired or his/her attendance at work is interfered with, or he/she endangers the safety of others 


Policy Directives: 

  • All employees and workers associated with Aaress will be treated consistently and fairly in line with this policy.  
  • The rules on alcohol and drugs will be strictly enforced 
  • Those who admit to having a problem with alcohol or drugs shall be fully supported by Aaress. 
  • Employees with an illness related to alcohol or drugs are encouraged to disclose this at the earliest opportunity to ensure support and help with treatment. 
  • All matters concerning alcohol and drugs shall be treated as confidential