To protect all personnel; both workers and visitors, from physical hazards

Using appropriate PPE creates a barrier between the person and the hazard. The use of PPE is supported by best practices in safety training, system controls, proven reliable equipment and parts and overall awareness. PPE use is mandated where hazards are identified and established that using PPE would minimize the possibility of injury, illness or damage. All Equipment issued matches the prescribed quality standards for the purpose, and maintained per the manufacturer’s recommendation of maintenance and product life. 


All Team Members working on sites are required to follow the PPE Initiative, with specific responsibilities assigned to key personnel across all departments as under: 

Directors, Managers or Division Heads:

  • Approval of the initiative based on workplace hazards assessment
  • Assignment of financial and manpower resources for implementation
  • Periodic review for assessment of effectiveness
  • Ensuring effective implementation of the initiative

Campus Safety Officers:

  • Conduct periodic reviews of PPE initiative
  • Identifies suitable PPE gear and equipment for the achievement of the initiative objective
  • Creates workplace hazard assessment for every new activity, equipment or development
  • Supervises record maintenance of incidents or accidents and reviews reports for correction or improvement of the initiative, if applicable
  • Approves training and awareness programs for employees
  • Investigates incidents and creates the report to the management with recommendations for corrective action
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the initiative